SAVEWAYS has started a new revolution in India. The company has started a Money Saving Program in your area. In this new Saving program you can save more money & time while Shopping in your daily routine. Everybody can be a part of this Saving mission and save more money & get more benefits.

SAVEWAYS company slogan is "Save More With Us", as company has created an opportunity for everyone to save money on their every daily purchase. We have different shopping programs like "Bachat Card" (SAVECARD), "Deal of the day" & "Sell of the Day".

With our programs you can enjoy exclusive savings by using SAVEWAYS services. SAVEWAYS provides value added services to give you great value for money. We provide you many benefits like discounts, shopping deals, movie tickets, discounted products and other services in your city or area. Our saving program is a new revolution for the consumer as well as merchants. SAVEWAYS is a unique way to take advantage of big benefits.

SAVEWAYS is like a bridge between consumer and merchants(shopkeeper). The company is building an independent shopping community. This community is entitled to pre–negotiated discounts in a constantly growing network of Loyalty merchants. With the expansion of the shopping community, loyalty merchants enjoy higher profit. This way they provide even better conditions for their new customers. We helps customers and merchants benefit mutually. SAVEWAYS is a reliable, honest, ethical platform for everyone.



SAVEWAYS creates an opportunity for everyone who wants to Save Money while shopping because today saving is very important for every class of society. We all are working hard for earning money & we spend 30% to 50% of that money on shopping eating, purchasing, daily need expenses. SAVEWAYS helps you to save money while doing these expenditures.

SAVEWAYS is Ethical, Reliable, Honest for every person, who want savings. Everybody can be a part of SAVEWAYS Saving Programme.

Mission, vision & values



Our mission is to help everyone save money on their favorite local products and services and increase the number of customers for the business owners to build a unique and innovative business infrastructure. To expand our influence to the point where each of our customer is a proud member of SAVEWAYS shopping community.



The Vision of saving program of the company is to provide better shopping services around the world.



  • Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Personal Dignity
  • Ethical